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Motherhood Is An Athletic event - Let's Train For it Together!

Becoming and being a mama is quite possibly the most demanding thing a human can experience physically, mentally, and spiritually. As Empowered Mamas, we create a plan of action and stay connected to our bodies throughout the process. Drop your name and email to get started today!

Classes and Services

Empowered Mamas classes are available to both members and non-members.  It’s never too-early or too late to get started. Are you ready?

1:1 Consultation - FREE / $30 (Non-members)

Recommended as 1 Prenatal + 1 Postpartum consultation. These are 30-minute meetings to discuss your needs one-on-one. 1:1 consultation may include any of the following and more:

  • Covering birth or postpartum plans
  • Addressing questions surrounding the Motherhood Transition
  • How to implement the 4 pillars: Nutrition, Mindset, Connection, & Movement -into your pregnancy or postpartum
  • List of Referrals to *Experienced & Educated* Prenatal/Postpartum Medical Providers in your Community

As always, birth partners are encouraged to join during the visit.

Consultation is FREE for BMCF members and just $30 for non-members. Schedule today!

Movement Basics: Preconception or Prenatal - $150

MOVEMENT BASICS: This is a 4 Class Series *1x/week for 4 Weeks* That is specifically designed for Pregnant Mamas OR Women planning on becoming pregnant, or the Female Athlete with a desire to become aware and reconnect with her core & Pelvic floor. This class focuses on retraining Breathing & Natural Movement Patterns with a goal to Prepare the Body to withstand further loading (Growing baby) while preparing the body for birth & Delivery through low impact strength & Mobility training.

*Birth is an athletic Event — Let’s TRAIN for it! Focus: [Safe Movement, Positive Mindset, Self Respect, & Evolving Adaptations]

This Class takes place every 3-4 months

This series is designed for women Are Planning to Become Pregnant OR Currently Pregnant (4-36 weeks)

Discover your own birth desires

Develop your own postpartum “Queen in Training” Plan

*Experience primal/innate movement positions to help with relaxation & enhance your physical Body’s wellbeing

*Remember: Training for birth isn’t about doing more, because you are already ENOUGH! Training for YOUR birth may lead to vaginal or cesarean delivery, but however life sequencing rolls out, YOU are preparing your body & mind for a connected & positive experience. Training for birth is about reconnecting to yourself, moving intentionally, giving your body the respect it deserves while mindfully adapting to meet the demands of pregnancy, AND ideally being emotionally and physically prepared for whatever birth transition comes your way.

PostPartum: Core & Floor Restore - $150

PostPartum Core & Floor Restore: This is a 4 class series *1x/week for 4 weeks* that is specifically designed for new mamas anywhere from 2 weeks post-birth to 6 weeks post-birth. This is the perfect class if you are craving connection, breathwork/movement, and/or just wanting to get out of the house with your new little!

This Class Takes Place Every 3 months (Just prior to PostPartum R&R)

This series is designed for women that have had a baby in the last four to twelve weeks. (1-3 months)

We’ll start with breath work and evolve into full body functional motor patterns.

You will establish a solid core foundation, wake up your posterior chain, and enhance your posture through safe, effective movements that transfer to any activity in your daily life.

Come ready to move and connect with your breath and body again.

Non-mobile babies are welcome to join!

PostPartum: Rehab & Rebuild [Virtual Class] -$200

Postpartum: Rehab & Rebuild – This is a great virtual option for a group class.

We log in to move, sweat, and connect with other new moms!

Mommy & Me: pop-up class

Mommy & Me – Group Class or 1-on-1 – [Pop Up Class] – $15+ (At Various Community Locations)

  • Build a foundation of breathwork
  • Improve Basic Movements

We’ll share joint activities that build a Strong & Connected mama + Baby

Meet Your Coach

Gina Gentzkow PT, DPT


Hi, I’m Gina! I am Mama of 2 amazing kiddos, Doctor of physical therapy (2015), CrossFit Level-1 Trainer (2013), and BIRTHFIT Professional (2018) looking to enrich and empower the lives of women transitioning into & Throughout the motherhood Journey. Whether you are preparing to become pregnant, currently pregnant, or postpartum, I am here to support YOU.

Here at BIG MUDDY CROSSFIT we take moving [WELL] very seriously. Nutrition, Wellness, Positive Mindset, and Functional Movement is our primary focus for every athlete walking into this door. However, YOUR needs are a little different during the motherhood journey, and that is why I am here as your advocate, your teammate, and your support to EDUCATE & EMPOWER you through each & every step of the way.

Join me in a GROUP Class setting while connecting with other women, Online through virtual personalized coaching, OR a designated 1-on-1 Consult to get to know each other, collaborate & establish Goals.


We’ll work together to build a foundation of fitness before the bump. Whether you’re looking to improve your fertility or overall well-being, the work you put in before conception makes a difference! Together we’ll address opportunities in your diet, lifestyle, and supplements. We’ll help foster a deeper sense of connectivity with your body and mind. Our goal is to empower you to become a healthier version of yourself and support you on your journey into pregnancy!


Are you a pregnant mother that wants to prepare the best she can for the biggest and most physical event of your life? The Empowered Mamas program is designed with the expecting mama in mind. You can expect the programming to be ultra-safe and effective throughout your pregnancy.

Come ready to learn all things related to proper breathing, functional movements, and core and pelvic floor connection to optimize pregnancy and postpartum recovery. We’ll share additional education and community resources to best support you throughout your pregnancy and to enhance your journey through motherhood.


Are you a new mother that wants to reconnect with your body through simple breathing and movement excercises? This is the class for you!

Postpartum is forever but you will be empowered to reconnect with your amazing body through safe and sustainable movements. If you’ve given birth in the last 2 years, an Empowered Mamas class will help restore awareness and trust in your body once again. Please join us!

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